Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Tempestuous Skye...

So I was just thinking the other day on what it means to be spontaneous and impetuous. Is it when you really go out there and do something rash and dangerous? Would it then only be considered so? Must an act be life-threatening and stupid (as in really stoopid la :P) to be labelled as spontaneous and impetuous?

Well personally I believe that if you decide to step out of your comfort zone to thread on paths that had never before been taken or simply to try something completely and utterly new albeit simple and nonchalant, this is what it means to be spontaneous and impetuous. No need for any daredevil stunts nor law-breaking's just you willing to take the road less travelled and it is you doing so without being told to do so or pressured into...a simple choice to be someone you never thought you could be, even if it's just for a second...

I'm not making much sense but I have this bubbling need within me to be spontaneous and impetuous ;)

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