Friday, February 19, 2010

The Fork in the Road...

Everyday we wake up to's amazing how we all walk around not realizing the steps and paths taken from the simplest and subtlest choices made. But there you go, the human dilemma. We take for granted in most things we do.

Choosing one over the other, sometimes it really is just a choice but we fail to see the bigger picture - who did we hurt? who got left behind? There is always a loser. The one that had gotten the shorter end of the stick. Do you know who you let down when you make a choice? I don't even realise it sometimes...and it's a sad thought. But you say, 'Hey, choices need to be made. Everyone cannot be pleased at one go.' And to that I say, 'So true..'

Crappy how the universe works isn't it? That's life. It is made by a gazillion choices. So people out there, think and reason the choices you make. It only takes one bad choice to break apart, one choice to crumble another persons reality...

So how do we choose?

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