Thursday, December 31, 2009

To Get to You...

I remember the skies as I walked home,
The stormy weather beckoned with a deadly grin,
I pulled over my hood and tucked my hands into my pockets,
I could barely make out what lay before me,
The wind blowing was so furious,
That it made it hard to see pass the swirling leaves,
The sun was losing the battle and slowly fading,
The thundering black clouds sailed in fleets,
Menacingly threatening the world below,
Who am I?
What is a lonely soul doing walking in the path of destruction?
Reasons were not found that day,
For no amount of danger could keep me from you,
For that's where I am home,
I looked up to the heavens and caught a glimpse of light,
Cold and tired but not deterred,
Oh what I would not do for you?
The ends of the earth is where I am walking to,
To get to you...

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