Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hello New Year, it's nice to meet you ;)

The New Year had come and gone and I still feel like I’m stuck in the past. I had a minor farewell with 2009 and had not even had the chance to greet 2010. ‘Hello 2010, its nice meeting you. Hope you prove to be a better year than before.’ It’s not that 2009 was horrible, just that, I guess, it didn’t go the way I had imagined to. There were good times of course but the bad ones remains vivid. Here are a few random things that had happened back in 2009:

1.It started with the bangs of fireworks over the area where I lived.
2.Fell in love with the 22nd floor apartment where I lived. The view was amazing.
3.Discovered some things about me that I guess was within me all this time. And it is great!
4.Lost weight ;)
5.Gained back the weight :p
6.Made new friends. Which one can never get enough of ;)
7.Got a guitar for my birthday! Yay! Still practicing my hardest to be somewhat decent at it (it’s going kinduh okay I guess haha.)
8.Got to know my sister a little better and enjoying her company even more. I love you sis!!
9.Discovered new indie/obscure artistes and bands who creates amazing music.
10.My dreams, wishes and wants still remains the same and this is wonderful as it means I am still the same person that I was before :D

The time that was given is now gone. Every second that passes, is a second that can never be recovered. If life was looked at through this perspective, then you would understand how little time we are allotted. It makes us think twice on the ways we chose to spend it.

Well, here’s to 2010. A year that is gonna be mine. Not because it will be, but because I am gonna make it that way. As much as a hopeless romantic as I am, I know that we and we alone can chose our path to destiny. Nothing falls on to your laps by chance (if they do, then lucky you). Make every second count. Life is but a fragile uncertainty. You don’t want to have any regrets…

P.S. : I love you…

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