Monday, October 1, 2012

Leaf in the Wind... between sighs, when I close my eyes...

There's something inside of me - welling up. And I can't explain it. It's nothing strange. It's nothing familiar either. It seems like something from a distant dream. And I would like to be able to put words to what I'm feeling but what are words? It can only do so much. And this - me, not making sense, seems like a familiar pattern. 

I walk out the door and I see a leaf on the doorstep and I think to myself, "It's gonna be a good day." I don't know why I assumed that but I assumed it anyway. I walk but it doesn't seem like I'm moving. But it's ok. Because I don't know where I'm going. I'm like the leaf. I let the wind take me wherever it wishes. And sometimes I pass by places I'd like to wander into but I don't stop. I can't stop. Because I've seemed to surrendered my fate to that of the random wind. The wind is my vessel and the world is my ocean. And everyday life is a voyage of which the end is not the destination but where the journey is everything. 

I'm confused but I do not stop to ask for directions. I want to. But then I wonder if I need to? So again I let myself be steered by fate. The fate of the wind is of my own now. I need to strengthen my wings. My feathers are ruffled and damp. It needs the breath of the fresh air and the light of the sun to awaken its sheen again. Maybe then, I can fly and everything will make sense...


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