Friday, February 17, 2012

That's How It Is...

'...yes, I will always stand in the rain, so that you may have the shade...'

I read from somewhere that as people, living your lives everyday, we are defined more with the relationships we hold rather than the essence we have within. To which I agree. We tend to sub-consciously mold ourselves to the person we are interacting with. We give and give in so much to those that we hold dear even if that person may not feel the same way. But it doesn't matter. Well to me anyways. People might say, "You're being stupid to spend so much of your time, money and emotion to someone that does not seem to care about you." But how can one define stupidity anyways? I have thought about that question before - every night lately especially...and I always come back to one conclusion - and that is:

"I said I cared. I said I would be there. And these are not just empty words. For, to me, it is a promise I made to you - for better or for worse. And as such, love cannot and will not discriminate even when it hurts or breaks my heart..."

A promise made. That is how I see it. How can you claim to be someone who cares when the instance it gets hard you just jump ship? That's not sincerity. That's just looking for something easy. But nothing (nothing) comes easy.

So that is why, if stupid is what society wants to define it as. Then stupid I shall be. Because I can never break a promise made. Even if it's one I made within me. That is how I see it and that is how I shall live. In pain if necessary so that you know that you can count on me to always be there, to always care...


PS : Dear God, please hear my prayers...

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