Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Burberry Prorsum FW2012

I envy Garance!!! She was there for Burberry's Fall 2012 runway show!!! Ok well so it is in the line of her business :p But still!!

Anyhu...for this year's fall collection, Christopher Bailey went for a more street chic look rather than his usual London town couture and the verdict --------> Too Awesome!!! (it might be also that I am a little biased to Burberry...but heck it! bluekk!!)

But seriously, all biasness (not sure if this word exists :p) aside, this is a truly amazing collection by Bailey. It's the little details that gets me - the punk bags, the traditional Burberry umbrellas but with studded handles/handles of animal heads (there's a fox head!!), studded gloves etc etc etc...these are what caught my eyes! I want them gloves and umbrellas so badly! Yes, I'm actually covetting the accessories more than the coats or outfits. Don't get me wrong, there were amazing dresses and coats in the collection no doubt but somehow this round, the accessories seems to trump the show! :)

If only I can get my hands on them....

My fav outfit of the bunch - stunning!
Can you spot the Fox head handle!?!?!
Aaahhh Burberry, you never fail to amaze!


PS : Is there a way to un-stupid one self?
PS2 : Pictures courtesy of Garance Dore and fashionstyle.org,

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