Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sydney 2011 - Part I

One week is not enough of time for a vacation...just got back from Sydney yesterday and straight plunged myself into work (yes ppl, i am at work! T_T) sad as it sounds but reality is as such where u literally cannot have the cake and eat it as well. That is if you are "privilegedly-challenged" (hehehe new word created :p)

1 whole week in Sydney - let's did I find the city? Hmm honestly, aesthetically, it's not all that at all. Yeah true, I should have known going in that Sydney is a metropolitan city at its most but I guess when visiting a brand new place, you will no doubt have all the expectations built up. But no regrets though!

The city is beautiful in its own sense - the many skyscrapers lined up beside one another, the sky above blue (as blue as can be ;)) dotted with clouds (sometimes the clouds looked smeared or spread as if God took his butter knife and played with them hehe - true story!), the amazing amazing amazing harbor views, seagulls and parakeets flying about, the chilled wind blowing from time to time, and the great food that the city has to offer etc etc etc...and at night, the city lights up and its as if you are looking at a TV ad! Modern cities have their aesthetics too I guess :)


We arrived in the morning in Sydney - I still remember the time - 10.20AM. Anticipating very cold weather, it being winter and from what friends had warned us, we bundled ourselves with jackets and scarfs only to realize soon enough that it was sunny and hot in Sydney. Not as hot (and not humid at all lorr) as Malaysia but it was still bearable being in a t-shirt - seriously it was, no by the time we got our bags, checked out and got to our hotel, it was close to 12pm already. We settled in, took a shower and went out to grab lunch. Our first meal in Sydney was Thai food and it was surprisingly very thai-ish i.e. flavorful and spicy! hehehe...

We headed towards the Sydney Harbor Bridge after to have a walk around. Arriving at the harbor and seeing the view for the 1st time (for me lar...Zoe has been there before already), it was like all the pictures u see on postcards and movies. Jakun right me :p don't care! pffftt!

Took pictures and then headed to the Rocks - it's a strip of quaint shops, cafes, pubs and so on just a street behind the harbor...Zoe wanted to take me to this little patisserie that she fell in love with the last time she was here. And you know what? I fell in love with it too! It's this cute little out of the way place that sells some of the most amazing pastries, cakes, tarts! And oh God they were yummy! So we sat there, sipping on coffee (that would be me :p) and enjoying tea time as we let the time pass. It was a good way to catch our breaths after a long flight that morning...

After prying ourselves from the seats (that tough coz it was just so nice to sit and watch the world go by...), we walked (and shopped) around the area before deciding to head back to the hotel. We reached the hotel around 6 plus in the evening...tired from the travelling we did coming over to Australia, dinner was just McDonald's that evening in the comfort of our room - watching Masterchef :) Zoe went to bed real early - about 9PM Sydney time and I was asleep not long after as well...haha blueekss...hey it's a vacation. So I'm allowed to go to bed friggin' early okayss...hehe ^^
To be continued....


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