Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sometimes Waiting is Okay...

Do you believe in fate and destiny?

Are they set paths? Or do we really have control over how we want our lives to turn out? Me, I believe it's a bit of both ;)

There are certain things that we can change (if you want to) - some things just needs a little push and a little self belief I guess and it will somehow turn out your way...but then there those things that are just the way they matter how much you try to change it, somehow or rather it will end up they way that it is (annoying little buggers hahas :p)

It's funny how an unexpected event now, could turn out to be something that was just oh so right down the line...what I'm trying to say is that, what you may not agree with today could be the best thing to have had happened to you in the morrow (I can vouch for this - honest to God!)

I believe in fate and destiny. I really do. Maybe it's the hopeless romantic in me or maybe I'm just someone who believes in hope - that if you want to, you can hold on to hope, even if it's a fool's hope, because there will come a day when you will cross paths with fate and destiny and you will then smile because your perseverance - your wait, was worth it ;)


PS : I'm chasing after my fate and destiny and loving the feel of the rush of wind across my face...

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