Monday, April 11, 2011

That One Single Thing...

...because love knows no boundaries - no conditions. It exists because it does and it expects nothing in return...

How do you stop a train wreck from happening? do you escape a train destined for wreckage?

1. Emergency Stop? - does not exist...
2. Jump out? - what's the difference then?...
3. Embrace what's to come? - close my eyes and pray hard that i will somehow walk out of it alive...

In other words - survive.

Hmmm...the world is a tough place to live in. Never a straight road, never a constant sunny day...twist and turns and knives in your back, being chased and chasing after, soaring high only to tumble down...pain and hurt are always near and you're never a stranger to teardrops running down the side of your seems surviving is the only thing you can do isn't it? Hahas...irony of life :p

But all it takes to render all the above irrelevant is just one single thing...and it need not make sense to the whole world save for only you...that one thing can turn everything around ;)

So, what's your one single thing?


PS : My one single thing is driving me crazy...crazy good and crazy bad...but I'm focusing on the good (trying very very very hard's very hard...)
PS2 : fo' shizzel ma' nizzel!!
PS3 : Okay...I don't know why I just said that....@__@

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