Thursday, February 3, 2011

Random Fashion...

Christian Dior

Christian Dior on the other fails to amaze...his high fashion designs are jaw dropping...loving the color blend of this one - fuchsia!
I love this look above...vintage yet haute couture you know what I mean! Amazing!!

Armani Prive

The theme and designs were pretty much same...the hat is a recurring accessory. Not my favorite of Armani so far....but credits to him for going all the way :) Still love you Giorgio!
Armani Prive show where it boasted guests like Olivia Wilde (*heart*), Sophia Lauren and Jodie Foster...not sure what Giorgio was aiming for - aliens have landed?

Bottega Veneta

This is my favorite so far - from Bottega Veneta's latest Spring collection. Simple and elegant always gets me :)
Erm...not too sure about this one though, but I do love the color...amazing how bright colors like this still catch my eyes when I actually am a die hard classic black fan!
Simple and minimalistic....
This one is slightly edgy meets 60's which is a cool the scarf! it's all about the details you know :p

Okay...damn lazy to upload more pics....when I do find my motivation again, you will get to see more of my favs, not so favs, fashion that made me go 'hmm...', those that made me go 'oooohhh' and everything else in between just because.... :p


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