Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunsets and Long Drives...

'I have no idea why sunsets make me wanna smile...all the time-every time...but I don't need a reason, that's the beauty of beauty'

Just got home about 2 hours ago. Long drive from Johor back to PJ. The highway was congested and jammed at some points. It was expected. Every one's trying to get home and I was no different.

I saw the sunset before my eyes as I was driving. It was the highlight of the drive I would say. The littlest things I tell you haha... :)

Now I'm home in front of the television. Just finished a cup of coffee and dreading the morrow. Actually I'm dreading falling sick. The throat is feeling a little sore and my nose is a little runny...I know I should go and get rest but stubborn 'ol me (pffft!!) wants to stick around in the living room and watch Grey's Anatomy...oh why Skye?? :p

Oh well in any case, I need to wait for my hair to dry before I can go to bed. So you see, I have no choice but to stay up haha :)

PS : Can't wait :)


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