Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When All Else Fails - Swear :p

It's never a straight line that we come to...never a smooth road nor an easy path...always always there will be a bend in the road and maybe a rock slide or two....

We can't anticipate the rain to fall...even though there is the tell tale signs of grey skies and the roar of thunder...there is still the exception, a doubt and a maybe...

I'm starting to crap...haha...what I'm trying to say is that, life never seems fair probably because it never is...and it's a sad notion to think about but a needful reality...because when everything comes easy then we don't feel joy nor excitement nor would we know if we are doing a good job - struggling helps us to survive better and pain helps us to appreciate joy :)

I have come to accept the ups and downs in my life journey but most of all, I try my very best to live in the moments, in each second that tick towards infinity...what is life if we start to worry about things that have yet to pass?

PS : Late nights make me crap about crap...
PPS : I learnt a new swear word in Cantonese - Tiu Lei ahh!! :p

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