Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Drive me crazy...

So there I was...on the road again...planning to go home but somehow my hand steered me away from home...there's just something about the road and driving on it at night. I had Rachael Yamagata's Elephants playing around and wishes in my head wanting for my little ol' MyVi to fly off into the night sky...yeah, a girl can dream :)

I looked ahead as I drove aimlessly. I can't see a destination, just a never ending path to where ever haha...some people might think it's stupid or scary but me (silly silly Skye :p) thinks of it as pure magic.True story....don't know la, but just the idea of moving about through space, jumpin' and hoppin' from one obscure spot to another totally foreign land seems so much like an amazing adventure...i think I've blogged about adventures before...ahhh the Indiana Jones in! I mean, I love what I love...mystery is sexy ;)

So, I'm back at home, tryin' to recall the places I drove pass tonight (oh how I wish I was still on the road) and everything is a blur...I know I bade a brief goodbye to my work place and got onto to the Sprint...then it's just a flurry of buildings, lights and cars....'twas amazing :)

I got a lot of thinkin' done as well along the way...a lot of decisions lay looming in front of me (someone help me-slap me or somethin'!)...I guess I'll make the choices when the time comes for me to do it...right or wrong I'm not gonna on, never look back haha!...

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