Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little R&R

"...in times when we not know, is the time when we learn..."

It's really funny how we take for granted the most basic of stuff. I've recently gone for a minor surgery and it has left me somewhat challenged - movement wise. I wouldn't say I'm paralysed. Nope. That would be an 
exeggeration :p But it's suffice to say that I am disabled comparatively. 
I always thought that staying at home, in bed would be heaven. How wrong was I. Just 2 days into this and I am developing a severe case of cabin fever. I mean seriously. Sitting down in one position for hours on
is not fun. Yeah I have a 52 inch televsion in front of me but I soon realize that satellite/cable tv are predictable what with them running re-runs 90% of the time! If I'm not sitting in an awkward position, then I
would be lying on my bed - either just resting or sleeping. Yes, yes. most of you would be thinking - "OMG how awesome is that!!" But no, not for me. Lying down staring at the ceiling is boring. Sleeping too much is boring and I get this annoying pounding headache everytime I wake up from sleeping during odd hours of the day (stupid medications!).
So yeah. I miss being able to just jump out of bed and moving about to go do whatever the hell I want. And I actually miss going to work. Yes, I am not making that up. I know that I need to go through this in order to get better. Doctor's orders - plenty of bed rest! But I just can't help but feel annoyed about it all.
I am praying that I recover really quickly. It's me being a little bit naive and hopeful (official time-to-heal = atleast 1 month!). But there's no harm in a little hope. For now, I am trying my best to enjoy the time given to me to rest and recover. Try Skye!


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