Monday, July 22, 2013


"The curve of your lashes,
How it darkens with each blink,
How it compliments your eyes,
How I long to brush it..."

"...It strikes me so odd how long I had lived my life without ever realizing
how much is it I like them. It seems so apparently obvious and natural to
me now..."

It's nearing the end of July now. I have no idea where time has been flying off to. It seems like every time I wake up from sleep, a decade has just gone out the window. Melodramatic? Well, it deserves that. Deal with it. I don't want the need to feel anything. But it's always and onslaught of emotions that chases me down the street. Even following me onto the bus I hop on in the morning. Buses are fun.

I can't stand all these things I've held on to. Railings at the edges of skyscraper rooftops seems like a hindrance. Life needs to be lived without the restrictions of handrails. The edge of the end. At least then, being chased by emotions can seem like a norm. Can you see it?

I should go to see God. Maybe staving off of religion is bad for one's spiritual health. I should also then go the gym. I guess the same theory should apply. Maybe?

In the meantime I'll bury my nose deep in my books and surround myself with as much music that makes me feel hipster-ish...I'm weird...


PS: Why won't you come online Spotify??? I need my dose of Indie....

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