Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Book #1 : Cloud Atlas

"A half read book is a half finished love affair..."
-Cloud Atlas ; Letters to Zedelghem-

Cloud Atlas - hmmmm...let's see. My attention was brought to this book when I first saw the trailer for the movie back in late October 2012. You guys know how Hollywood big budgeted movies are like - their trailers are superb and leaves you wanting more. And that's exactly what it did to me. I wanted to watch the movie badly but (yes, there is a but...) since it was an adaptation of a novel, I told myself, "Skye, screw the movie for a bit and lets get lost between the pages of the book 1st!" ...yeah, I did not literally scream that out at myself. But it sort of did sound like it in me head =\

I don't know if it's just me but, it seemed as if the book was a little bit of a let down. It should just be me, I mean, it's a best seller, which means a lot of people liked it =\ But having an idea of what this book was supposed to be about and then reading it and realizing it's not all that, is not a very nice feeling. Maybe I should not have put so much anticipation on it.

It wasn't as if it was yucky or anything. The concept I still very much liked. The notion of reincarnations and how our actions now, at this very moment has a rippling effect into the future or the past for that matter. If you ask me, I say, yes that seems logical. It might just be the optimistic romantic in me that strives to believe in such things, but why not? So that portion of the story I loved but the construct...hmmm...maybe I did not concentrate as much as I should have. Maybe there are bits and pieces of the plot that I had missed...it just seemed like there were no beginning nor end and so, no middle at that (yes I'm super making sense, I know!). But maybe that what was David Mitchell was aiming for - to show that in a linear life (or lives), one that seemed like there are no crests nor troughs, there is still significance. And it might not be apparent to those living in the same timeline but in a bigger scale of things, everything and everyone is interconnected. Now see, that is something good to go to sleep thinking about (among other things ahem.. :p)

So here I am, finished with Cloud Atlas and not too sure how I feel about the book. But I have a choice, we all always do, which is to take the good instead of the bad...no regrets though ;)

PS : Next up, Kim by Rudyard Kipling - so far the first chapter has proven quite an interesting read :)
PPS : Gonna go get myself the Cloud Atlas movie (finally) and see if the movie matches the trailer and surpasses the book :D

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