Wednesday, May 16, 2012


stumbled upon this and it cracked me up!
...I wish I never have to grow up. I wish I was in Neverland...

Things will never be the same again. How so? When people decide they don't give a damn to those that gives a damn. I think my headache is making me spew out nonsensical emo-drama-shit. But who's to say it's not true eh?

I've run out my supply of vodka (not really :p) at home so maybe tonite I'll stick with a nice cuppa joe :p I should eat something for dinner but I can't decide what. Actually, I miss the Katsu (Japanese fried meat dish) that I had in Japan and would really like to have that now but alas I'm not in Japan nor am I going to Japan anytime soon. Maybe hopefully somewhere during fall this year but nowhere near now. Yes, I wish I was going now but wishes are overrated. Don't get me wrong, they can come true, this I can swear to you. I've made wishes that came true. Not so much in the exact way I wished it but it came true somehow. Hard to put in words but basically, if you wished hard enough and if you stick to your dreams, eventually they will come true. Patience is they key. And hope - keeping one's hope alive is never an easy task, but if you stick to it then it will pay off. This I promise you...

Okay gotta go now. Headache is becoming more painful and a stuffy office at night is not a conducive environment to be in. 


PS : The more I try to forget, the more I try to let go the more I feel like the world is not right. What is wrong with me???

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