Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keep Moving Forward!

Disney Channel played Meet the Robinson's again last weekend and...I watched it...again...of course (what can I say, I love cartoons!) This time a phrase caught my attention -

'Keep Moving Forward'

Suddenly I became all serious-y and grown-up (ya, ya, i know..very grown up right using the word serious-y :P haha)...the thing is i started to realize how true and undeniable the phrase truly is...

Life never is easy...and no matter what decisions and choices that we make, there is only one direction we should be heading towards...and that is forward...but a lot of us are stuck in the past not wanting to venture forth because they are just too comfortable with what they already know or just too afraid of change...

But there you go, the irony of it all is that, no matter how stubborn and adamant you are on wanting to stay put, the fact of the matter is, time is still gonna move in the end, you
would still get left behind...

So I say, make the best of what you have...if your choices had brought you here at this point in life, then make no fuss...seize the day and just keep moving regrets...

PS : As I'm writing this, I am strugglin' to keep my eyes open (so sleepy...zzZZzz). So I'm gonna take my own advice and move other words, gonna move towards my bed and to sleep chewah hehehe :D

PPS : Was only daydreamin'...I'm actually stuck in office...&%@*%$!!

PPPS : ssshhhh...please dun tell my boss :P

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